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Gutter Cleaning

 Just as most houses are unique, so is our approach to cleaning your gutters.  Roof pitch, type of shingles and hight are all considered when deciding how to clean your gutters. Safety, cleanliness and avoiding damage are all very important. Under most cercumstances cleaning involves walking around the perimeter of the roof. Because using plastic bags on the roof runs the risk of catching and tearing roof shingles, wet debris is often thrown to the ground and bagged from there.  We use a high powered blower to remove dry debris and check the downspouts to be sure they are completely unclogged.  In the event we come across a clogged downspout, there are several ways we can get them cleared.  In simple cases an auger is used to break up a clog.  For more difficult cases we carry equipment to disassemble and reassemble the downspout.

Finally we clean up any debris which fell while cleaning the gutters.  This includes cleaning off any patios, sidewalks, driveways, etc.  This is a messy job, but most of the properties we service look better after we leave them than before we arrived.


Minor Repairs

We will notify you and/or make any minor repairs to your gutters.  This includes replacing several missing gutter hangers or reattaching a fallen downspout.  Due to the unpredictability of the weather during our late fall peak season (after November 15th), we are unable to make repairs during that period.  But we will always notify if there are repairs that should be made.



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